How to get started

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a handgun, such as your needs, the primary use, fit and feel, price, and local laws. We’ll help guide you through the buying process, with GLOCK’s cardinal rule: try it before you buy it. From here, proceed to an authorized dealer for assistance in making the right purchase for you.


Find a trusted manufacturer like GLOCK, and locate dealers in your community that can offer expert advice on how, why and when to
use a firearm.

Know your laws

Every state has different criteria for gun ownership. All gun purchases require valid identification and a background check. Some gun purchases, depending on the state, require subsequent registration of the firearm upon purchase. Be sure to understand the regulations in the state where you live.

Try before you buy

GLOCK believes that the most important thing to consider, aside from learning how to responsibly own a gun, is to 'try it before you buy it.' Most dealers will allow you to handle their firearms to test for comfort and fit. Many gun ranges will also let you try firing various guns to test different sizes, calibers and accessories to fit your specific needs.

As you're trying various pistols, consider the following:

(1) Needs: Pick the pistol that best suits your needs. See our section 'Which GLOCK is right for you?' to better assess your needs.

(2) Fit: Make sure the gun fits well in your hand. Consider the weight and shape of the gun.

(3) Price: Pistols are available in most all price ranges.

Necessary gear

You may want to consider accessories in conjunction with a pistol purchase. The following are a few accessories GLOCK recommends:

(1) Gun Case: Cases help in gun transport and come with either hard or soft sides. There are various types depending on your budget.

(2) Storage: Storage for your gun can come in various forms: a case, gun rug, safe, lock box, and more.

(3) Eye Protection: Eye protection is always important for target shooting and training. GLOCK recommends looking for comfortable, durable eye protection with high safety ratings, in addition to a semi wrap-around feature that protects the sides of your eyes.

(4) Ear Protection: Ear protection should always be worn while shooting. Custom-molded ear protection or ear muffs are recommended.

Start training immediately

To be a responsible gun owner, it is critical to be aware of the fundamentals of your pistol and how it works. It takes time to build muscle memory, skill and comfort.

Do you need a concealed carry license?

Each state determines how residents obtain a concealed carry permit. Some states do not require a permit at all. Some states require training that includes classroom instruction and/or live-fire qualification.

As with most general gun purchases, most states also require a criminal background check to ensure the purchaser is not prohibited, for any reason, from being issued a concealed carry license.

Please let us know if you’ve found this information helpful. We would love to hear any suggestions you have on how we can better promote gun safety.